Miracle Crosses Ministry

Craftsman and Founder: Seth Barron

New Style Cross!!

New Wire Available! Multicolor wire has recently been created by the manufacturer! 

Pictured is brown, green, and gold.

Also available are silver, gold, and black combination.

Look for these new color wire available in the store!!

*Limited wire available.

New Size!

There are now 2 sizes available!

There are large and small sizes!

A large is roughly 2.25 inches tall and a small is roughly 1.5 inches tall.

Simply specify which size you'd like in checkout!

Each size is $15 due to the cost of materials and other factors.

Get yours today!

Each Cross bought creates an impact!

The proceeds from all crosses do not go for personal gain. The proceeds go towards some form of ministry; it always has and always will.

Miracle Crosses has had the privilege to help needy families with Christmas presents, grocery store vouchers, support church camp tuition for youth, clothes for those less fortunate, support other ministries such as Teen Challenge and now The Chaplaincy Department of a local Prison in West Texas!

Don't want a necklace, but want to support? Please Donate!

Each Cross is handmade. No two are alike!

Step 1:

All nails used are bought from a local farm supply store.

So like all horseshoe nails they are flat with a wider head and narrow at the tip.

The brand used is Caldwell brand and have distinct markings on the head.

Step 2:

Using a template, the nails are bent accordingly to the rough shape seen in this photo.

It is this part of the process where the necklaces gain their character. No two crosses will be bent in the same place!

Step 3:

Lastly, the top part is bent to receive the double jump rings which will give space to run the cord.

The wire is then wrapped on the cross and finished with 30 inches of leather suede rope.

The leather suede is tied together with a double fishing knot to give the option to let the cross hang low or come close to the neck as a choker style necklace.

Where We've Been

Miracle Crosses has been seen at:

2013 State FFA Convention with Officer Tyler Reilly's retiring address (See Video on Right @ 11:43.), 

Rock The Desert (Christian Music Festival), 

CBS 7 Odessa 

Other lesser known events/ places!

Want to bring Miracle Crosses to an event or church near you?

Please contact us at sethlovesjesus@gmail.com

You can make an impact!

By all means, I encourage you to purchase a cross and help make an impact with it's proceeds.

More than that, I believe each person has the possibility to make an impact by God. We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We are commissioned and on earth at this place and time to be used by God.

For you it may not being crafty or an entrepreneur, don't overcomplicate it. It can be as simple and easy as loving those around you, sharing a hug or a scripture with a friend or loved one.

Whether you are a friend to me or an acquaintance I'd love to be of encouragement to you. Please check out more of myself, Seth Barron, at the "About the Craftsman" page.

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