Miracle Crosses Ministry

Craftsman and Founder: Seth Barron

Cross Necklace Design 3


This design is solid with one color going on the bottom to the right side and one color going from the left side to the top. 

Color A is the more dominant color; it's Antique Brass in the picture. Color B is the recessive color, it is Peacock blue in the picture.


This is a homemade horseshoe nail necklace, made with 20 gauge wire. I personaly bend and wrap the nails with the wire.


Colors are: Orchid (violent), Fuchsia (Hot Pink), Red, Antique Brass, Christmas Green (dark green), Black, Amethyst (light purple), Tangerine (bright orange), Burgundy, Turquoise, Dark Blue, Silver, Lemon (Yellow), Hematite (dark grey), Peacock blue (Cyan), Natural Copper, Ice Blue (light Blue), Brown, Silver Blue, Plum (purple/pink).


If you have any problems with the store send me an email at sethlovesjesus@gmail.com or message me on facebook at www.facebook.com/sethlovesjesus



Ex: COLOR A: Gold COLOR B: White and Orange

What Colors would you want (up to 2 colors, Color choices on the instructions)?

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