Miracle Crosses Ministry

Craftsman and Founder: Seth Barron

History of Miracle Crosses

In March of 2009 Miracle Crosses was born. I made a cross partially to make a cross for a teacher who kept asking for one and partially to the fact that I wanted God to use me. I didn't want to warm a pew up, I wanted for God to use me  beyond myself and He certainly has. 

After praying I felt led to give it up for a season and give away all of the materials I had gathered in the process to a faith based rehabilitation center called Teen Challenge in the spring of 2015. At this point I had anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000 and could have better to $15,000 or more. 

Essentially this has been active for a total of 6 years spanning 8 years all together. 

As a student most of the proceeds went to sponsor people to camp (somewhere less than 15 students), groceries for families in need in my community, bibles, CD's with music and a salvation message, coats for those who didn't have them, and the biggest proceed to date, a DSLR a camera. (If you're in the Seagraves area I'd be happy to take whatever professional pictures for free.)

After a 2 year break I felt led to start Miracle Crosses back up again. Besides other jobs/duties I have become active in prison (TDCJ) ministry at a local unit. I didn't want to start something that I had done before or anything to bring glory to myself. Specifically, I work with a faith based form and everything is provided by donation since it is a religious activity. 

Currently all proceeds from the sales of Miracle Crosses will go to support the the prison I volunteer with. 

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